Dr. Ashish Kumar Mittal
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep Problem
  • Phobia
  • OCD
  • Mania
  • Sexual Problem
  • Schizophrenia
  • Forgetfulness
  • Suspiciousness
  • De-addiction
  • Problem in Child
Facilities Available:
  • Stress management
  • Marital Counseling
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Career counseling
  • Neurofeedbac
  • Biofeedback
  • Counseling
  • Hypnosis
  • CBT
Assessments Available
  • Psychiatric problem
  • IQ
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Learning disability
    Richa Sharma, Feb 2021
    Very Good Doctor.I have visited for D****** problem. He listened me and tackled the issue. Only 2 tablets per day. Got recovered within 2 weeks. Recommended.

    Manasvi Bakalkar, Jan 2021
    Best treatment ever had. I will suggest everybody who is suffering from depression, tension. Thanks

    Verified Patient, March 2021
    Treatment and doctor behave is very well. All is well.Waiting area neat and clean. Dr. Ashish is very very good doctor.

    Amit, March 2021
    Nice Experience, Doctor Guided us well and suggested appropriate treatement. Doctor provide his consultation in short and precise way.

    Amrit Rani , Feb 2021
    Hello Everyone Doctor is too good n listen your problem. Before going to doctor I read Google reviews , so many patients said doctor is good n so many patients said doctor is not good . But after meeting with doctor I am satisfied with his treatment. Thanks Dr. Ashish Ji

    Rahul Saproo, Jan 2021
    A very friendly Doctor. I was very satisfied with the way he explained the treatement he would be doing regarding my problem. I highly recommend him.

    Dayapal Joon, March 2020
    Dr. Ashish Mittal is the best psychiatrist. He really cares about his patients. He is very polite & listen the problems of the patients very carefully & I am very happy that I have been going undertreatment with him for the last 70 days. And I am recovering from Anxiety, antidipression, anxiety panic attacks, negative thoughts and the sleeping disorders. I my opinion Dr. Ashish Mittal is one of the best psychiatrist who gives ample amount of time to his patients. ??????????

    Dr Kool, April 2019
    I believe he is a real blend of a great human being and a perfect doctor in his capacity. He has a healers touch in his art of psychiatry.

    Girish, March 2019
    Dr Ashish is a very professional doctor whom I had consulted and felt good trust. He is very patient and concerned. He seems expert in his field and knows what best for patient.

    Harbhajan Singh Yadav, Feb 2020
    A very good doctor,who is thorough gentlemen highly professional and very intelligent,quickly understands the disease and start treatment it instantly master in his professional,highly recommend Very good Doctor

    Shubham, Nov 2020
    Dr. listen to the problem with ease and suggested the minimal medicine. Team attached to doctor is also wonderful with high command over the councelling. I am very satisfied with the doctor and treatment given, as I felt relieved after first dosage only.Thanks doctor.Regards,Shubham

    Rohitkumar, Dec 2019
    Very simple though effective solution. Good doctor

    Koul, September 2018
    brilliant..... thankful for all the suggestions-- which are suitable to the patients needs ...He follws the protocols and guidelines.. he is really an exceptionally brilliant psychiatrist.

    Rajender, July 2013
    Very Good

    Akarathod, June 2013
    thanks a lot sir for proper guidance......i'lll definitely suggest and recommend ur services to all frnds.

    Delhi Man, Oct 2012
    After finding him, my search for good psychiatrist in Delhi end. Thank you and god bless you.

    Devrifuchigami, Oct 2012
    He explained what I wanted to know simply and clearly.

    Dilip.Raisinghani, Sept 2012
    Excellent doctor Thank you

    Aditya, June 2012
    Excellent advice . Will always like to consult him if any problem comes . And the reply was prompt and in time . would really like to thank him.

    Parwati, March 2012
    He cool, he tells me what i need to know and give minimum medicine.

    Kamlesh, March 2012
    Brilliant doctor has really helped me and honest. He provide best services like AIIMS. :-)

    Jolly, Feb 2012
    He is very well-informed. I highly recommend his opinion on this subject.

    Sid, Feb 2012
    Thank you doctor for your treatment. It really helped me a lot.

    Neeta, Jan 2012
    Yeah he is a very kind doctor he is really very helpful..Thx thx thx :)

    X, Jan 2012
    Good doctor Good treatment with no discomfort

    Mukesh, Nov 2011
    Great doctor. all my stress was relieved. My father is doing best now...

    Jaspreet, Sept 2011
    He tell us in a simple way and in detail thanks Dr Mittal

    John, May 2011

    He is very experienced and intelligent Doctor.

    Roop, May 2011

    Really good, he has explained my problem and I now can take treatment regarding this and get it sorted out. Dr Mittal Thank You............

    Sahil, April 2011

    He seems like a great Doctor

    MK Gupta, March 2011

    Good, very insightful, and seems willing to help and solve challenging dilemmas.

    Ram, March 2011

    Thanks Dr Mittal. He seems to be well read and seems to have a good understanding clinically.
    Bharti, Feb 2011

    He is very nice and very knowledgeable doctor. He has helped me a lot. Thanks to him, I now know what my problem is. This would have never been possible without his help.

    Santosh, Feb 2011

    Dr Mittal. Thanks to your suggestions which help me a lot.

    Dr AL Sharma, December 2010

    His answers demonstrate that he has very good information of his field. Thank Doctor for your assistance.

    Shakil, Nov 2010
    He is a nice person. He answered all my queries...thanks to this website that I found him and thanks to Dr. Mittal.........thanks a lot
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Psychology Clinic

Mrs Jaspreet Kaur Saini (AIIMSonian)
MA Psychology, Master Practitioner NLP, CIG
Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach

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Mrs Jaspreet received her education and training from AIIMS (Delhi), NDDTC (Ghaziabad), GDC (Gurgaon), The Retreat Deaddiction Centre (Maneser) and Confidence Clinic (Gurgaon).

She is particularly interested in helping people with concerns around marital issues, stress, anxiety, depression, motivation, insomnia, addictions, relationships issues, trauma and abuse.

She uses an integrative and holistic treatment approach, utilising evidence-based therapies including: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, NLP, Client-Centred Counselling, Relaxation Therapy, JPMR, Group Therapy and Psychoeducation.

She has successfully managed several cases of:

- Stress, Anxiety, Phobia, Depression and OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder)

- Sleep problem and Anger.

- Marital discord and relationship issues

- Drug Addiction

Contact Details:

Address:  Confidence Clinic, The Sapphire Mall, 248 (Second Floor), Behind Omaxe city centre, Opposite Orchid Petals society, Sohna Road, Sector 49, Gurgaon (Haryana)

Contact : 9560830573 Mrs Jaspreet(If number is busy then patient can drop their SMS on given mobile number)

Consultation Time :Daily (5PM-8PM)

Consultation Fee : 1500 INR Per Session


Who is Clinical Psychologist?
A clinical psychologist is a mental health professional with highly specialized training in the diagnosis and psychological treatment of mental, behavioral and emotional illnesses, including obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

What is difference between Psychologist and Psychiatrist?
Psychologists receive UG and PG training in psychology to practice as psychologist. They treat psychological problems by counseling, guidance and psychotherapy. They are also specialized in different psychological testing. Psychiatrists are physicians that have specific training in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illnesses. In order to become a psychiatrist, a person should earn an undergraduate degree (MBBS) and PG degree M.D. in Psychiatry. They treat psychological and Psychiatric problems by drug treatment +/- counseling.

What does a clinical psychologist do?
- Assessing clients' behaviour and needs via observation
- Identify psychological, emotional or behavioral issues
- Identify psychological, emotional or behavioral issues
- Interviews and psychometric tests
- Developing, administering and monitoring appropriate treatment therapies and strategies
- Diagnose psychological, emotional or behavioral disorders
- Develop and implement treatment plans and therapeutic processes
- Undertaking research
- Providing support and advice to carers
- Help clients define goals & plan action to achieve personal, social, educational & vocational development and adjustment
- Monitor client progress through regular meetings or sessions.


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