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  • De-addiction
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    Gurdeep, May 2019
    Gurdeep, May 2019
    Very nice and well behaved Doctor listens patiently and understands the problem and give proper time and treatment

    Devashish, Feb 2019
    The doctor is very friendly as well as professional. He addresses concern very effectively. He is also approachable and replies to all of the queries.

    Dr Kool, April 2014
    I believe he is a real blend of a great human being and a perfect doctor in his capacity. He has a healers touch in his art of psychiatry.

    Girish, March 2014
    Dr Ashish is a very professional doctor whom I had consulted and felt good trust. He is very patient and concerned. He seems expert in his field and knows what best for patient.

    Mr Bettie.., Feb 2014
    Dr.Mittal was very helpful and kind. I thank him very much.

    Deir.., Jan 2014
    Far better than my current psychiatrist. I highly recommend him and the price is well worth it as I feel much more confident.

    Rohitkumar, Dec 2013
    Very simple though effective solution. Good doctor

    Koul, September 2013
    brilliant..... thankful for all the suggestions-- which are suitable to the patients needs ...He follws the protocols and guidelines.. he is really an exceptionally brilliant psychiatrist.

    Rajender, July 2013
    Very Good

    Akarathod, June 2013
    thanks a lot sir for proper guidance......i'lll definitely suggest and recommend ur services to all frnds.

    Delhi Man, Oct 2012
    After finding him, my search for good psychiatrist in Delhi end. Thank you and god bless you.

    Devrifuchigami, Oct 2012
    He explained what I wanted to know simply and clearly.

    Dilip.Raisinghani, Sept 2012
    Excellent doctor Thank you

    Aditya, June 2012
    Excellent advice . Will always like to consult him if any problem comes . And the reply was prompt and in time . would really like to thank him.

    Parwati, March 2012
    He cool, he tells me what i need to know and give minimum medicine.

    Kamlesh, March 2012
    Brilliant doctor has really helped me and honest. He provide best services like AIIMS. :-)

    Jolly, Feb 2012
    He is very well-informed. I highly recommend his opinion on this subject.

    Sid, Feb 2012
    Thank you doctor for your treatment. It really helped me a lot.

    Neeta, Jan 2012
    Yeah he is a very kind doctor he is really very helpful..Thx thx thx :)

    X, Jan 2012
    Good doctor Good treatment with no discomfort

    Mukesh, Nov 2011
    Great doctor. all my stress was relieved. My father is doing best now...

    Jaspreet, Sept 2011
    He tell us in a simple way and in detail thanks Dr Mittal

    John, May 2011

    He is very experienced and intelligent Doctor.

    Roop, May 2011

    Really good, he has explained my problem and I now can take treatment regarding this and get it sorted out. Dr Mittal Thank You............

    Sahil, April 2011

    He seems like a great Doctor

    MK Gupta, March 2011

    Good, very insightful, and seems willing to help and solve challenging dilemmas.

    Ram, March 2011

    Thanks Dr Mittal. He seems to be well read and seems to have a good understanding clinically.
    Bharti, Feb 2011

    He is very nice and very knowledgeable doctor. He has helped me a lot. Thanks to him, I now know what my problem is. This would have never been possible without his help.

    Santosh, Feb 2011

    Dr Mittal. Thanks to your suggestions which help me a lot.

    Dr AL Sharma, December 2010

    His answers demonstrate that he has very good information of his field. Thank Doctor for your assistance.

    Shakil, Nov 2010
    He is a nice person. He answered all my queries...thanks to this website that I found him and thanks to Dr. Mittal.........thanks a lot
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Sleep Clinic

Dr. Ashish Kumar Mittal
MBBS, MD Psychiatry (AIIMS)
Sleep problem specialist

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Sleeplessness or insomnia is a sleep disorder in which there is an inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep as long as desired. Dr Mittal treat several cases of sleep problem in Gurgaon daily. He provides his services in Columbia Asia Hospital, Apollo Clinic and Confidence Clinic.

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    Common causes of insomnia in clinical population:

  • Poor sleep Hygiene: most common cause
  • Psychological causes: Stress, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar illness and substance use (certain medications, herbs, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, amphetamines, methylphenidate, MDMA, modafinil, benzodiazepines, opioids or alcohol) etc.
  • Neurological causes: Restless legs syndrome, Periodic limb movement disorder and sleep apnea etc.

Psychological problem not only causes insomnia, but insomnia increases severity of psychological problems further. Due to that person with sleep problem start self medicating self, which lead to addiction on alcohol or sleep medicines.

Case history is the main tool to diagnose patient problem. Some investigation like sleep study (Polysomnography), which is a costly investigation, required only in very few patients. It is used to rule out neurological causes of insomnia.

    Before seeking any professional help a person can try following simple behavior modifications to improve sleep:

  • Fix sleep and wake up time.
  • Do not sleep in day time.
  • Switch off net and television 30 minute before sleep.
  • Daily morning brisk walk for 30 minute.
  • Take light dinner.
  • Avoid substance use (alcohol, nicotine or cocaine etc)

If problem do not resolve with these steps or suffering is much, then patient may seek professional help. In treatment apart from sleep, psychological wellbeing of the person should be main focus. Otherwise there are chances of recurrence of sleep problem.


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